Wei Wei The Parrot That Couldn’t Fly Is Having Now New Wings

Dr. Catherine Apuli is a vet in Australia and she is famous now for helping a parrot to fly again. She named the parrot Wei Wei.


Wei Wei was a victim of wing trimming but thanks to Dr. Apuli this parrot might be happy again. Vet only needed some donated feathers, glue, and toothpicks.


Dr. Apuli has said to Bored Panda that Wei Wei’s owner only wanted to know if parrot was okay or not.


“Wei Wei was brought in for a general health check as the owner had just bought her and wanted to know if she was healthy. During her physical exam, I explained that her wings were cut too short and too many feathers were cut, however, we do see this commonly,” Dr. Apuli said.


“As the owner had just bought her up that same day, she was not yet sure if Wei Wei was affected by her short wing trim. I warned of injuries that can occur with a severe wing trim. One week later, Wei Wei came back for a microchipping procedure,” the vet added.


Now Wei Wei is healthy again, living a happy life in her owner’s house and is ready to fly again.

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