Up-Close Encounter With Massive Sharks Captured In Stunning Pictures By Photographer

The development of Hollywood shark movies has resulted in a massive stereotype about this species. In the movies, people are impressed by their ability to sniff off the prey from a far distance and defeat them with sharp scary teeth. In real life, sharps often live in deep oceanic environments. This even reduces the chance human can approach these animals and see how actually they are.


However, photographer Euan Rannachan has recently shared what it’s like to look at the sharks from an up-close position. His photograph series of massive sharks includes a face-to-face encounter with Brutus, a 1,500-pound great white shark.

We know that you are so excited to see his majestical pictures right now, but first, let’s get to know a bit about the person behind these masterpieces.


Rannachan, who lives in California, is famous for great white shark photos published on major media channels like Fox News, BBC, Newsweek. He also co-founded “Be a Shark”, a company that facilitates photo and video classes and cage diving experiences on Guadalupe Island

For 15 years for years, he has been trying to photograph a variety of objects, but his favorite topic is always apex predators.

“I have always been fascinated by great white sharks but it was not till 2016 I got the opportunity to swim with them,” said Rannachan.


Telling his first time of capturing photos of sharks, Rannachan admitted he was a little apprehensive at first. But very soon, his fears all disappeared when the first white shark passed just inches from his cage.

“After the first time I knew it was something I needed to do as much as possible and I and another shark crazy photographer Nikki Sevy started a cage diving company ‘Be a Shark’ where we take people out to Guadalupe island and introduce people to our toothy friends.”


The photographer hopes that his pictures can help to change people’s minds about sharks, instead of labeling them with the scary stereotypes transmitted from movies.

He also shared something about Brutus the great white shark: “It was not until a sea lion showed up and started swimming circles around him nipping at his caudal fin that you could see his frustration building. He started taking that frustration out on the bait and I made sure I was in the right position to capitalize. Soon enough attacked the bait right in front of me.”


Now scroll down to enjoy the following pictures:

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