This is Amazing How All The Elephants at the Sanctuary Welcome a Blind Elephant Rescued From a Circus with Amazing Respect

A rescued elephant receives an unexpected greeting at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, in one of the most stunning shows of compassion nature has ever provided. She spent her entire life in a circus until she was rescued and transferred to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai at the age of 30.

The elephant, who has lived alone for most of its life, is given the greatest greeting by the herd at the refuge.


Ploy Thong’s story is the saddest, but it was happily ended when she was rescued by rescuers from the Save Elephant Foundation. The gentle giant has been carrying tourists around the streets of Thailand’s Pattaya area for decades. All of this is done against your will. Fortunately, all of this is now a thing of the past, as Ploy Thong is now a resident of this caring refuge.


One sight in particular, which occurred shortly after their arrival, was breathtaking: the moment when the sanctuary’s herd greets the newcomer. Ploy Thong, who was completely blind, began to generate mild vibrations to alert the other elephants of his existence. What ensues is one of the most thrilling moments I’ve ever watched!

The entire herd rushes out to show their limitless sympathy to the rescued elephant.


“She was transporting visitors every day, both eyes blind,” the Save Elephant Foundation crew explained. “They saddled her up early every day and took riders until nightfall. As the tourist rode on his back, he sniffed the road with his trunk. “However, begin your path to freedom.”

Ploy Thong just had to wait a few minutes to understand she had arrived at a place where she could find the love and comfort she had never known.

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