The Baby Monkey Will Not Leave From The Mother Whom Was Killed By Humans

This small monkey baby refuses to leave his mother, who is dead on the ground. The images were captured in the few peaceful minutes after the death of a mother monkey, and they depict the suffering that animals feel as a result of poaching.


A poacher shot and killed a mother Rhesus Macaque, and the little one, unknowing that she had already died, clung to her lifeless corpse, “clinging” to her skin, and sleeping in her.

In the flash of an eye, this baby’s entire world altered. His mother, however, was a source of comfort and affection for the child even in death.


This tiny monkey, unfortunately, isn’t the only one. Poachers slaughter tens of thousands of animals each year for their skin, flesh, and other body parts.

Many of the victims are moms, whose young kids are taken from their arms and sold as animals and exotics.


Almost many of these newborns end up in circuses, zoos, research labs, or as exotic pets, where they will have terrible, short lives. Fortunately, the poacher who orphaned this infant monkey was apprehended by a ranger from Thailand’s National Parks Department.

The assailant was apprehended, and the youngster is now being cared for at a government wildlife center.


Friends of Thailand Wildlife Foundation (WFFT) has also offered financial aid and support to augment their treatment.


Nonetheless, this tiny monkey baby has been denied the opportunity to be in better hands, in the hands of his mother, to whom he belongs.

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