The adorable calf elephant was seen having a lot of fun with mud during the drought

The children’s world is brimming with joy. As kids, we used to have a variety of entertaining games to play. Baby animals may undoubtedly come up with their own ways to amuse themselves. They may not have many plush toys or large playgrounds, but they know how to make the most of what they’ve got.


In these interesting photos is a baby elephant playing with mud in the hot summer sun. Meanwhile, his herd was busy looking for some water which had become quite scarce due to drought at the time.

That lovely sight took place in Kruger National Park – one of the largest game reserves in North Africa with a high density of wildlife and was captured by a lucky tourist named Maureen Gibson.


It’s not an easy time for many of the park’s species, and these gentle giants are no exception, according to a 73-year-old pensioner from the Eastern Cape.

“The herd of elephants went down to the dry bottom of the Mphongolo River near Shingwedzi in the northern part of the Park, looking for subsurface water at a time when the Park was experiencing a severe drought. “To find water, adult elephants need to dig in the sand until the water level was accessible.”


However, when all the adults struggle with their own troubling tasks, our lovely boy still managed to have fun alone. Apparently, this was the first time he discovered that little “paradise”. He loved it so much that even his mother couldn’t stop him from having fun there.

“Obviously, this was the first time this baby elephant had a chance to play in a muddy puddle, and he couldn’t get enough of it,” Gibson continued. “Every time his mother encouraged him to go outside with her long trunk, he would run straight into the mud to frolic and play.”


Needless to say, it was a pleasure to witness such an exciting moment, especially for animal lovers.

“Photographing baby elephants is fun because they are so cute and unpredictable – their antics are always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face,” said Gibson.

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