Tar Soaked Dog Couldn’t Breathe, Woman Neared & Saw Another Snout Sticking Up

As dog lovers, we will never understand what possesses a human to harm an innocent animal,

They’re such loving creatures. But for whatever reason, two dogs named Cherry and Igor were callously thrown into a tar pit. They laid there, totally helpless, waiting for a miracle.

The dogs were stuck in the wet asphalt for nearly a day when someone finally heard their cries. They must have been so scared and the tar isn’t just sticky and hard to move in, it is painful! The kind woman tries to free the dogs, but she cannot get them out of the tar on her own. She desperately made phone calls and knocked on doors. Finally, with some help, the woman was able to free the dogs. But Cherry and Igor needed medical treatment… fast!


They were taken to a nearby vet clinic. Both dogs had to be sedated and given pain meds in order to get the tar off without causing further damage to their skin. It took the staff four hours to get them as clean as possible!


Once the medical staff could see their skin, it was obvious that these dogs had been abused prior to being thrown into the tar pit. They were covered in old wounds. What these dogs had to endure was truly a nightmare. But it was officially a nightmare they’d never have to live through again!


Cherry and Igor’s blood tests came back. The tests revealed that both dogs were also poisoned. This heartbreaking revelation further proved that their owner wanted them dead. What kind of pitiful person could do such a thing?

But all that matters now is that the two dogs survived and will be okay thanks to a kind woman who found them in the nick of time! The dogs are making excellent progress at the vet clinic. As they continue to improve, a local rescue is working to find them a forever home together!


While they had to go through a living nightmare, they are officially on the other side. To see more of this incredible story and witness their miracle transformation, scroll down.

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