Sweet Seal Insists On Making Friends With Everyone That Comes To The Beach

Seals are extremely gregarious and amiable creatures, and they readily form friends with people. Nothing makes an extroverted seal happier than making friends with the people around her.

We’d like to introduce you to Sammy, a cute seal that wants to surprise and delight everyone with his arrival.

Sammy is presently living on Weymouth Beach in Dorset, a county in the south-west of England.

During his confinement, this beautiful seal began visiting the beach, and it appears that he has discovered his ideal spot to fish, enjoy the sand, and soak up the sun.


However, because many of the limitations imposed by Covid-19 have been lifted, people have been permitted to return to the beach, where they discovered a delightful surprise: a cheerful seal who, far from being worried by the presence of guests, is eager to make friends with everyone on the beach.

Many people have traveled solely to view this adorable seal, and Will Badman was one of them who went to visit Weymouth Beach in the hopes of meeting Sammy.

“Getting up at 4 a.m. to go out at dawn and attempt to see Sammy is well worth it,” Will said. “She’s fantastic at slipping out of people and surprise them, she’s a really cheeky little thing.”


The camera enthusiast published several shots on his Facebook page in which he is seen cheerfully mingling with all the tourists.

He also enjoys being in front of the camera, as seen by his frequent posing and smiling. Will had this to say about it:

“Sammy has a propensity of abruptly emerging on top of people and attempting to ride his surfboard, kayak, or swim on people’s backs.” When he goes to the beach to relax, it appears that he enjoys being photographed.”


Despite the fact that this lovely seal is highly friendly, Will opted to use his long lens so as not to disturb her. Despite the fact that they were at a reasonable distance, Sammy acknowledged that she was being shot and loved the entire session. He played hide and seek at points, and made hilarious poses at other moments; the overall outcome of the session was quite amusing and adorable.

When this lovely seal is not sunbathing, it is attempting to climb on someone’s back or onto a board that will cheerfully transport it to shore.

Sammy has become something of a local celebrity in recent days, and a group of volunteers has been formed to safeguard his well-being. The correct thing to do is not to build a link with the seal and to let it alone.

It is critical that tourists do not encroach on their personal space and instead learn to appreciate their presence from a distance and with respect.


“If Sammy is on the beach, please keep your distance and allow her to relax and sunbathe; there is a wonderful group of volunteers that stroll the beach and protect Sammy,” Will added.

This adorable seal enjoys being the center of attention, but only in her own time and manner. Although such affection is difficult to resist, it is crucial to remember that it is still a wild animal.

“Seeing it was fantastic since it’s not something we see very often in this area of the UK.” “I drove an hour to watch it, and it was well worth it,” Will added.

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