Several Animalists Found A Horse On The Verge Of Death, But Thanks To Their Love And Care They Helped Him Recover

A group of volunteers from the British Horse Society were taken aback when they discovered a horse in such bad shape that it appeared to be dead at a building site in East Durham, England.

They discovered it was a pony when they approached closer, and that despite its abandonment and anguish, it still had the power to breathe.


When the volunteers saw what was going on, they resolved to do something to aid the animals, since they were suffering the worst instance of neglect ever witnessed.

Here 4 Horses Equine Charity spokeswoman told Bored Panda:


“It was decided to give it a go, and it took five people to get it up and running.”

Heidi was the name of the pony. Her miraculous journey to full recovery was documented in a series of movies and photos that depicted her struggle.


Heidi’s turnaround was so inspirational that it was quickly shared on social media, prompting a flood of responses; it’s difficult to see her tale without crying.

Several media outlets contacted Wendy Suddes, an expert in horse education and care and the creator of the Here4Horses organization, to learn more about Heidi’s recuperation. She stated that Haeidi was discovered in poor health.

Wendy stated,

“When the rescuers arrived, they discovered a guy who had been dispatched by the owner to remove the body. It makes no difference if he thought she was already dead; she had gone through a lot.”


Heidi was really ill; she couldn’t stand or walk, was extremely weak, and had a low protein level in her blood.

As a result, additional plasma transfusions were required to cure the condition; she was able to stand on her own after around 5 weeks.


Heidi had to wear padding bandages to cover her wounds during her treatment, and the volunteers had to come up with creative ways to safeguard her.

Heidi had a lot of sores and ulcers, and her major goal was to make sure that they didn’t become any worse from the pressure.


The path to recovery was long and winding, requiring a great deal of patience and careful attention before bearing fruit.

Wendy stated,

“Heidi had too many wounds, worms, parasites, and diseases to be unleashed on our meadows for months.”


Heidi’s rehabilitation was undoubtedly aided by the exceptional care provided by the volunteers, but her battling spirit was also crucial.

Heidi began to flourish after several months of medical therapy, and her road to complete health became a reality.


Wendy considers Heidi’s situation to be the pinnacle of animal cruelty and neglect; regrettably, incidents like this occur around twice a year at her organization.

Wendy stated,

“While we see this degree of injury and disease much too frequently, it is a simple act of cruelty or a lack of understanding of horse care and how to properly address their requirements.”

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