Rescued Bear Knows How To Survive The Winter

Since being rescued from a concrete enclosure by Four Paws International and transported to a sanctuary in Germany, a bear named Otto has become renowned as a happy-go-lucky and lively creature.

Otto’s naturally expressive personality conveyed his astonishment of his new surroundings at Bear Sanctuary Müritz in Germany right away.


Otto and his companion Mascha, who had been rescued with him and shared his cage, explored their new habitat together, lounging on the forest floor and swimming in the lush ponds.

Otto, on the other hand, was visibly confused when his first winter at the refuge arrived.


Bears maintained in artificial conditions, such as Otto was before his rescue, frequently lose their innate instincts that warn them when the temperature drops and it’s time to hibernate.

When the snow fell and the air became crisp, Otto, like the rest of us, attempted to figure out the best method to get through the winter.


One of the rescued bear’s inventive ideas is to lie down on the soft snow in a sliver of sunlight, as seen in a shot taken of him.

Four Paws said on Facebook, “He is just building a cozy bed to enjoy the rare sunbeams on the winter days.”


Otto has learnt to hibernate since then, spending the winter as a bear should.


We can’t all be so fortunate as to be able to hibernate, but Otto’s first winter as a free bear demonstrates that there are other ways to relax.

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