Rescue Dog With Incredibly Long Neck Finds Forever Home

Unbelievably 10 inches tall with a lengthy neck that resembles a giraffe more than a dog, the dog was happily rescued and is now content with her new home.

Ketama is a two-year-old Spanish greyhound that stands out for his distinctive neck. She is closer to a male’s size despite the breed’s inherent tendency to be lengthy.


Sadly, some people’s harshness has led to the plight of this breed. When they are no longer helpful to them, they dispose of them. They employ them to aid in hunting and competition.

Fortunately, Ketama was saved by Monique Morsink and Martijn ten Voorde, who brought her to live in their house in the Netherlands.

Speaking of her amazing puppy, the woman provided some information regarding her nature and appearance that characterizes her as a relatively unique canine.


According to Monique, LAD BIBLE

She is a girl who is abnormally lengthy for her race. Compared to other females of her species that I have seen, she is longer. She is child-sized in terms of size.

As there aren’t many races like Ketama, he said, they will unavoidably draw notice when walking the streets. She can easily escape because of how thin and nimble she is, despite the fact that he also has to use numerous belts and a safety harness.


The woman promised that if Spanish greyhounds do not prove to be effective hunting dogs, they are frequently abused in their own country (Spain).

Monique remarked:


«I found that Spain has a significant issue. Hunting with greyhounds is a wonderful tradition. However, if the dogs are not up to the hunter’s standards, they are killed or left behind.

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