Psycho Rips Mother Dog Away From Her Puppies And Chucks Her Into The Sea

Sadly, in many countries, dogs are not seen as family members or even pets. The strays roam the streets, never receiving any help, and the ones who do have homes are sometimes abused and neglected,

One dog in Wuhan, China, has not been treated kindly. She never had a loving family to call her own. Instead, she had a cruel owner who betrayed her trust and did the unthinkable.


The old man brought her to the sea and threw her in. To make matters worse, the dog was a new mother and had just recently given birth to a litter of puppies.

The man had also brought the puppies out there, but left them in a pile nearby. The mama dog was so frightened when he chucked her into the sea, and all she could think about was how she would get back to her babies.


Thankfully, there were witnesses, and Wuhan Animal Rescue was contacted.

They rushed to the scene and saved the mama dog from he water and gathered the puppies. Luckily, the mama dog was not harmed and neither were her babies.


The rescue reunited the mama with her puppies and brought them all to safety, where they will receive plenty of love and care.

This mama dog will never have to worry about being abused and abandoned ever again.


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