People Can’t Decide Whether Animal Is A Cat, Dog, Or Mix Of Both

Someone on Reddit posted the “derpiest fuzzball to ever walk the earth.” The “derp” in question looks like a cross between a feline and a canine. The body is that of a dog but the face of this cutie is that of a cat.


Once the images were posted, folks started buzzing if the pet was a Shiba Inu breed or maybe a fluffy terrier. Others figured they would never know the answer.

The animal is actually a dog who hails from Vietnam. His owners, Hai Anh and Tuan, believe he is a mix between a Dingo and a native dog breed to their country. They also think he has some sort of mutation since they bought the dog in a mountain province.


Because the dog has become so popular since being seen on Reddit, his owners created a Facebook group that now has thousands of members.

One Reddit fan penned a cute poem for the pooch, which goes:

A cat or a dog, that’s what i am ‘I’ll be the purrfect pet!


‘A drunken mini fox bear fam

‘You don’t know what you’ll get…

‘I’m soft and grey, and kinda short,

‘A gentle lap-size, me ‘I like to derp around for sport

‘Your new best friend, I’ll be!


‘Dogs – they always need a friend,

‘Cats act like they don’t care

‘Either way, I can’t pretend

‘I’ll just be glad you’re there!’

We think Dui is just adorable!


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