Owner Starves Dog For Months, Then Dumps Him At Shelter Doorstep And Takes Off

Workers at the Marion County Animal Shelter were appalled to find a severely malnourished dog dumped on their doorsteps, wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt. When the workers removed the T-shirt, they were horrified to see the deplorable state of the dog’s sickly, emaciated body


Each and every bone on the dog’s body was protruding. He was barely able to stand on his frail limbs. He hadn’t barely been fed any food at all for months. He was taken in for a full medical examination to assess his situation. After the tests, he was put on a strict nursing and feeding regimen.


The shelter has shared the dog’s heartbreaking story on their Facebook page, after which there was a huge pouring of in support for the dog’s well-being. As of now, the dog is being cared for in a nurturing shelter home. He has befriended many feline friends in his new home, and is slowly regaining his strength and personality.


Meanwhile, the animal control officers have launched an investigation into the dog’s mysterious and cruel abandonment. They have asked people to share any information they have that can help in the identification of the dog and his owner.


Anyone with any information or tips is requested to contact Animal Control at 352-671-8727 or MCSO Agricultural Unit at 352-732-911. The heartless owner is still out there roaming freely after mistreating the dog so grossly and then getting rid him. Let’s join hands and help this story reach every corner until the culprit is caught and brought to justice.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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