Old and sick dog was waiting in a landfill for the end of her days but now she smiles happily

Animal rescuers receive dozens of reports daily, but the case of this particular dog broke the hearts of Victor Lakhill and his team of volunteers in Spain. She was an adult canine with an evident physical deterioration and with whom life had not been generous at all, writes dogfulf.

Surrounded by waste, flies, rodents and mountains of pollution everywhere lived the defenseless Maya, this elderly dog was reported to the volunteers of Let’s Adop International, a foundation led by the Valencian Víctor Lakhill.


The place where the canine lived was surrounded by endless dangerous elements, but the person who saw it for the first time took advantage of that same rubble.

A man who, before reporting her to the foundation, decided to build her a little house with plastic tarps so that she could take shelter, and his idea worked because the intelligent Maya stayed in place until help arrived.


Victor rescued the dog in the middle of a cold and rainy night, the furry one was in the little blue house that the other good man had built for her.

Maya’s condition was unfortunate, she had skin problems, her eyes were covered with tears due to a serious problem with her tear ducts and the lack of constant grooming. She also suffered from painful mastitis, her teeth were falling out of her mouth and she had abrasions on different parts of her body.


Although her appearance was terrible, the dog turned out to be quite a charm. As soon as Maya saw her rescuer, she knew that she had come to help her. She meekly allowed them to put a leash on her and drive her to the car that would take her to freedom.

Probably this little dog had been used as a “caretaker” in that terrible landfill, quite an outrageous situation.


The rescuer crossed the city with Maya in the car until they reached the health center where they would treat her. A veterinarian determined that the dog suffered from anemia, Anaplasma and Ehrlichia; the latter are diseases caused by parasites and ticks.

After obtaining a diagnosis, Maya received a good bath and the necessary nutrition to begin her rehabilitation process.

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