Kind Children Come To The Rescue Of A Raccoon That Was Buried Alive

Two teens in South Canyon, Texas, discovered a defenseless raccoon that had been buried alive while exploring a rural area. After his burrow collapsed on him, the poor animal was fighting for his life.


Daiton, 14, and Rylen, 12, were out exploring in the neighboring woodland when they came upon the distressed raccoon. They instantly sought his father’s assistance and began digging him out of the earth with a little shovel.

“They discovered a raccoon in the hole approximately 2 or 3 feet below. His head and front legs were the only parts of his body that were visible. The boys immediately phoned me and informed me of their discovery. The raccoon was struggling for oxygen when I arrived.”


Dray continued, ”
“It was heartbreaking to witness this animal battle. My kids were certain that we needed to preserve the animal.”

They contacted the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center after dark, and volunteers were dispatched to assist in the raccoon’s rescue. They put a grapple stick around his neck and shoulders with the aid of employees to pull him out.


The Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s executive director, Stephanie Oravetz, told News Channel 10:

“There were two cement slabs on top of it, and it had pushed down and crumbled, giving a small amount of mobility between the cement and the raccoon’s back, but it was full of dirt.”


Fortunately, the raccoon was well enough to be released soon after, aside from physical tiredness from his time in captivity. Daiton and Rylen were relieved to see the animal go away, alive and free, as a result of their efforts.

The children’s father expressed his pride in his children, who were ecstatic to discover that they had saved the life of that small raccoon.


It’s likely that the raccoon would have suffered for a long time if Daiton and Rylen hadn’t found him and struggled for hours to preserve his life. The kids are thankful they went for a stroll and arrived at the right area at the right time to assist.

Finally, Dray says:

“When we came back to the house, they told me how excited they were. I recognized this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.”

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