Dolphins al.ert rescue crew to swimmer who had been “str.anded” for 12 hours

Dolphins are awesome creatures!! 🐬 Dolphins seem to have a sixth sense & seem caring…! Love dolphins 🙏 they are the protectors 💙💙💙

A swimmer was found off the coast of Ireland thanks to a few helpful dolphins.

BBC reports: The swimmer, who had been mis.sing for nearly 12 hours, was spotted on Aug. 22 by Royal National Lifeboat Institution volunteers when they saw him surrounded by a pod of dolphins.

At 20:30, the volunteer lifeboat crew with Fenit RNLI spotted a pod of dolphins and a head above the water about two-and-a-half miles off Castlegregory beach, The ca.sualty was conscious and immediately recovered onto the lifeboat.


The swimmer, who was identified as a man in his 30s from County Londonderry.
He has since been taken to University Hosp.ital Kerry, where he is recovering.
The animals surrounding him were later identified as bottlenose dolphins living in Scotland’s Moray Firth. Since 2019, the dolphins have been spotted off the Irish coast.

Dolphins have a history of protecting humans in the ocean. 💙

According to BBC: Dolphins have sometimes been known to occasionally engage in [reciprocal altruism], helping members of other cetacean species.
They could have sensed the dan.ger to the swimmers, and taken action to protect them.

Dolphins are so sweet and beautiful and intelligent! They are always saving humans💙💙💙

Love them & all aquatic animals…they’re very intelligent…after all, look WHO created them….🙏

They are really the greatest fish on earth.
They are really our friends and they get their wisdom from God.🥰🙏🙏

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