Dog Hit By A Speeding Train Still Stood And Wept For Passengers To Send Relief

Some images may be upsetting to readers, discretion is advised,

A speeding train stops for no one. Not even a dog crossing the tracks. For this stray, a speeding train cost her a leg yet she hung on bravely. Rescuers were brought in, hoping to save the dog’s life. It was just a matter of time before she bled out or infection set in.


When Animal Aid rescue workers arrived at the train station, the dog was in obvious distress. However, she still wagged her tail. That, in itself, amazed everyone. They say in the video, “She was such a sweetheart.”


The volunteers follow her around, hoping to catch her but not wanting to traumatize her further. Every time they got close, she continued to walk away. It was apparent that she didn’t trust them. Not yet. Her allusive nature gave them no choice. They went and got a blanket so they could scoop her up.

She didn’t like it and cried. It was heartbreaking that they couldn’t explain to her that they were just trying to help her.

They loaded her into their truck and drove straight to the animal hospital. They knew they had no other choice but to amputate what was left of her leg.


After a long road to recovery, paved with lots of love and affection, the dog, now named Florence, had come so far. Look at her now! She adores her human helpers!

So many animals suffer daily. So many need our help. But to rescuers, it is worth every effort to save each and every life– their lives are all precious. All animals deserve a happy ending in a loving home. Don’t you agree?



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