Dog Comes Running To Greet Newborn Foal, But Foal Is Lying Motionless On Ground

The Maxey Appaloosa Foundation in Colorado is a sanctuary dedicated to preserving the native Nez Perce Appaloosa Horse, writes ilovemydogsomuch


Some workers recently were witnesses of the first encounter between Aengus, their farm dog, and a newborn foal named Ghost, and it’s incredibly sweet!


Aengus is a very responsible farm dog who always checks up on every animal residing in the farm. When he heard that the mama horse went into labor, he was anxious about her the whole time. However, the caretakers didn’t let him see Ghost for a few hours as the foal was still very weak.


Aengus can be seen running into the stable when he’s finally allowed to see Ghost for himself. As he enters, he is shocked to see Ghost lying motionless on the floor. But the caretakers assure him that newborn foals take some time to stand up on their own.


Aengus carefully steps forward and the mama horse graciously guides him to see her baby. The dog is overwhelmed at the sight of the adorable foal, and readily leans his head to kiss him. Aww! The animals of this sanctuary are indeed lucky to have such a diligent and caring dog by their side!


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