Chubby Rat Stuck In Sewer Cover Didn’t Think Anyone Would Stop To Help Him

For some others, the well-being of one sewer rat in the world may not matter much, but it means everything to him.

Fortunately for this fat city rodent who found himself in an awkward situation, he was rescued by a few compassionate people who believe his life is worth saving.


A worried household contacted animal rescuers from Germany’s Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar on Sunday after spotting the fat rat caught in the hole of a sewage drain cover.

He’d obviously put on a little too much weight to get through the gap — and was now stuck in a hopeless fight to get out.

The rat’s despair could be seen. But he didn’t have to fend for himself for long.


Volunteers from the rescue group arrived quickly and noted that, other from being trapped, the rat was in good health.

Andreas Steinbach, a representative for Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar, told The Dodo, “He was in pretty terrific shape.”

The rescuers, however, were unable to pull the rat through the hole using the tools they had on hand due to the rodent’s large size. He was simply overly corked.


This rodent rescue would need the assistance of a professional.

“We couldn’t save the rat on our own,” Steinbach stated. “So we contacted the volunteer firemen,” says the narrator.

They, too, were taken seriously by the situation.


Rather of risking harming the rat by yanking him out of the tunnel the direction he’d been going, firefighters adopted a different method.

They drew him back out through the bottom of the sewer by lifting the sewer cover.

It was a touching team effort, an act of kindness for the benefit of a rat.


Fortunately, it worked.

The chubby rat was set free, and after a brief evaluation, he was returned to his sewer system.

“He made a short look back at us, as if to say, ‘Thank you — and yeah, I realize I need to go on a diet,’” Steinbach added before vanishing.

But the rodent wasn’t the only one that was grateful on that particular day.


After the successful rescue, those who arrived to assist were hailed by two youngsters from the home who had made the call to save the rat’s life.

Their kind attitudes were the catalyst for the event, and they arrived with a drawing they’d made to thank people who had responded to their plea.

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