A Pair Of Enormous Sea Lions Borrow Someone’s Boat, Then Sink It

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Everyone likes a day out on the water, particularly these 2 sea lions that were seen highjacking a private yacht.


The big animals were spotted riding onboard a watercraft off the coast of Washington by Joshua Phillips that was riding aboard a surrounding boat.

It resembles the massive water animals chose to borrow somebody’s boat to rest their fins after a swim. The only issue is the boat had not been created to hold such big travelers.


Joshua was in awe as well as shock at the sight he was seeing, and also luckily for us, captured the whole point on video clip:

It is still unclear that had the boat, but we do recognize that they remain in for a shock when they return and also see their boat missing out on.


If it wasn’t for this video, I make certain it would certainly be unsubstantiated this is actual!

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