A Lion And The Man Who Saved Him Have Had An Odd Friendship For 11 Years

Friendship is an affectionate bond formed between people who are prepared to stick together out of love and respect. As a result, it’s probable that you’ve heard the phrase “who finds a friend, finds a treasure.”

Friends, without a doubt, come into our lives to bring us joy and to do something truly exceptional. Furry individuals come into our life to offer us devotion, faithfulness, and unconditional love, which is a rare link that exists not just between people.


While domestic animals like cats and dogs are frequently considered to as the finest life partners, some of them are a little wilder, they also demonstrate that they can appreciate and love people who treat them the same way. If anything happened in the past that ended up connecting them even more, their link is deepened.

This is the story of Zion and his guardian Frikkie Von Solms, a man who has dedicated his life to ensuring the welfare of South African wild cats.


However, she came met a small lion 11 years ago who ended up winning her heart. They have become closest friends and are inseparable after little over a decade

Zion is an African lion born in captivity who was torn from his father when his life was threatened. He needed someone to help him break out of his little shell because he was so small, a type of father figure to guide him.

Von Solms stepped in at this point and adopted him as a newborn dog. In this regard, the individual expressed his thoughts as follows:

“Growing up with him, learning and living through all the stages of being a male lion was a once in a lifetime experience.”

Zion developed into a huge yet kind lion by spending much of his life under the protection of his guardian.


His acts simply revealed a very gentle and loving lion since he was surrounded by love and unity.

“Zion is a gentle giant,” says the narrator. “He has never harmed people, and I have great faith in him,” Von Solms added.

Zion is a lively lion who dislikes the noise that shoes produce, therefore Von Solms has opted to play and take a walk with his barefoot feline companion.


While some may be concerned about a man’s deep emotional attachment with a wild animal, Von SOlms believes that nothing is more vital than becoming inseparable companions.

“People talk about lions like they’re African cats, yet they have personality, humor, and laugh,” Von Solms remarked.

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