3 Huge Dogs Found In Mountains Refused To Be Rescued, But One Woman Gained Their Trust

When black animal caught Veronica’s interest, she was having a round in the hills of the Angeles National Park, writes thepetneeds

When she took a closer look, she found 3 huge dogs! It was obvious that they were abandoned and malnourished as their ribs were seen!


Veronica also knew that the dogs didn’t trust humans as they refused to enter her car! So, she left water and food for them, and decided to see if she would be able to come to help them the following day.


Unfortunately, the animal control also refused to help her and ask her to stop calling as the terrain was dangerous! So, Veronica decided to help the dogs by herself! She went there every day for 3 weeks for two-three hours each time!


She finally got the trust of the dogs! So, she called a rescue group for help. Thankfully, all the dogs were taken in, and their personalities started shining at the kennels! What a happy ending!

Source: thepetneeds.com

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